Why Mentor?

Young people today face many challenges, from fitting in at school to figuring out their future goals.

Mentoring guarantees our youth have someone who is willing to listen to them and guide them through their everyday challenges.

Mentor Foundation USA views prevention and youth development as a collective civil responsibility; therefore, it partners with the business community, government agencies, schools and parents to create healthy and productive pathways for youth.

  • 8.5 million children in the U.S. are without a caring adult in their lives. Drugs are in every community and do not discriminate.
  • Children with mentors in their lives are 52% less likely to skip school, 46% less likely to use illegal drugs and 26% less likely to use alcohol than those children without mentors.
  • Your company will help youth in your community realize their potential.
  • Mentoring youth will increase employee satisfaction.
  • Mentoring can attract new talent: 79% of Millennials want to work for a company that cares about how it contributes to society.
  • Every dollar spent on Corporate Social Responsibility = $18 in savings for Society.

To make someone that you have no familiar bond with happy, just by simply showing up, is a powerful feeling.

Claudia, Mentor

Just Show Up & Care!  Minimal-Effort-Planning for Host Companies Mentor Foundation USA manages all aspects of designing and implementing the mentoring program. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Selecting and vetting school partners.
  • Coordinating transportation and scheduling.
  • Serving as the liaison between the school and host company.

Data & Evaluation

We conduct pre- and post program surveys to measure the impact on the students in three areas:

  • Soft Skill Attainment: Which professional “soft” skill areas did they experience growth in?
  • Personal Development: Which personal goals were attained?
  • Program Influence: How impactful was their mentoring experience?

Mentoring doesn't stop at any age because we are always learning something new on a daily basis.

Gil, Mentor

Make a difference in a young person’s life!

The goal of the mentoring program is to help reduce the risk factors that could lead to negative outcomes such as high school drop out or substance abuse, by providing an additional caring adult in the life of a young person. You don’t have to have all the answers, you just have to be willing to listen and share what you know.

Our mentors come from all walks of life. They are caring and professional adults who motivate students to Dream More, Learn More, and Do More! In addition to providing tools for college readiness, professional development, cultural exposure and social engagement, we provide mentees with the guidance to plan for a lifetime of success!

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