Parent Seminars

One of the most powerful things parents in all circumstances and from all backgrounds can do for children and youth is to build and maintain a strong relationship with them. That is not always easy, but intentional investment in relationships with their kids is one of the most important ways parents help their children develop the strengths they need to be their best in school and in life.

Our Parent Program is based on research and recommendations from the The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The aim is to provide skills and techniques for parents to enhance their communication and relationship with their children. Mentor’s focus on parenting seminars complements the work we do with young people. We know that the quality of parent-child relationships is 10 times more powerful than demographics (race, ethnicity, family composition, and family income) in predicting whether children develop critical character strengths they need to be their best in school and in life. These strengths include motivation to learn, responsibility, and empathy.

96% of parents state they have become better listeners thanks to Mentor’s parenting course.

Topics discussed during the seminars are:

  • Tips for Parents to Prevent Drug/Alcohol Misuse
  • Should I Be Worried About My Child
  • The 7 Most Common Parenting
  • Mistakes Managing Conflict in the Home
  • How to Help Your Child Succeed in School
  • Heaven or Hell: Parenting a Teenager