A Moment with Honorary Co-Chair Princess Sora Saud

Honorary Co-Chair Princess Sora Saud talks about Mentor's upcoming 'In Light of Youth' Benefit Dinner and the importance of the organization's mission.

What motivated Her Highness to get involved with Mentor Foundation USA and serve as Honorary Co-Chair for the ‘In Light of Youth’ Benefit Dinner?
I am happy to support an organization that has similar beliefs and priorities – An organization that consistently strives to make a meaningful impact. Their passion and dedication to bettering our community is undeniable and their organization as a whole radiates a sense of morality which is uniquely theirs. I’m proud and honored to stand beside Mentor Foundation USA and serve as Honorary Co-Chair to an organization that’s adding so much value by empowering the children of the world.

Why should people support Mentor Foundation USA’s event and its mission?
Mentor Foundation USA’s work is critical in addressing one of the most difficult challenges we face as a society, substance abuse. What makes this undertaking so daunting is the issue itself needs to be addressed at both an individual level as well as macro level. Substance abuse does not discriminate by race, socio-economic status, or geography, it’s a pressing concern for all children everywhere. By supporting Mentor Foundation’s work, individuals can help bring an end to childhood substance abuse by supporting programs that provide support, guidance as well as education to children across the globe.

Her Highness is also hosting an intimate pre-reception in combination with the Benefit Dinner. Can Her Highness tell us a little about it?
I’m pleased to host a high-tea pre-reception. Tea and hosting are staples of the Saudi Arabian culture and I’m excited to share that with our guests.

This will be the third year Her Highness is involved with this event. What are the biggest takeaways from this event?
It’s powerful to see and hear testimonials of the youth who are benefiting from Mentor’s programs. Every year, you walk away feeling a vast amount of promise for our children’s future and a sense of fulfillment knowing the organization you support is positively impacting so many individuals.

What is Her Highness looking forward to about this year’s event?
I look forward to hearing about Mentor USA’s recent successes and how their amazing team plans to engage our youth in the upcoming months.