Mentor Talks

One of the most powerful things any parent can do for their children is to build and maintain strong relationships with them.

According to research, teens with an excellent relationship with either parent have a 25% lower risk of substance use than the average teen.*  A parent’s investment in their relationship with their child is a critical protective factor and one of the most important ways to help their child develop the strengths they need to be their best in school and in life.

Alcohol, drug use, and other risk behaviors can be difficult topics to discuss with youth. Our interactive parent seminars help parents strengthen their relationships with their children and navigate the challenging adolescent years by providing information every parent can benefit from. During our parent seminars, leading experts share research-based knowledge to help parents build and maintain a strong relationship with their kids and explore the protective factors that empower them on this journey.

* Family Matters: Substance Abuse and The American Family: A CASA White Paper. (2005).

96% of parents state they have become better listeners thanks to the parenting course.

Seminar topics include:

  • Building and maintaining a strong relationship with your teen
  • Communication tips for “hard-to-discuss” topics
  • Development and characteristics of the adolescent brain
  • Continuum of substance use
  • Next steps if your teen may be using alcohol or other drugs
  • Parenting self-care and resources

Mentor Talk webinar answered important questions on prevention & covid-19

On April 5th, 2020, we hosted an important conversation on prevention related to the current COVID-19 crisis. Our leading expert, Dr. Ruben Baler, shared the latest research-based knowledge about the health effects and consequences of drug use and addiction, and helped answer the many questions parents had about the impact of drug use on health, and how to best support their teenager at home.

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