Shatter The Myths

‘Shatter the Myths’ Youth Rally is an event designed to dispel the common myths youth believe about drugs.

By focusing on the innate talents of youth, and providing a platform to make their voices heard, they become their own advocates for staying drug–free.

During our ‘Shatter the Myths’ youth rallies, students have the opportunity to interact with top scientists from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and learn about the real effects substance use has on the adolescent brain. They also hear honest testimonials from inspirational guest speakers, including a young person in recovery and a parent who lost a child to drug misuse.

This impactful event causes students to reflect and helps spark discussions both in the classroom and at home about the difficult topic of substance use.

Mentor Foundation USA implements Shatter the Myths in partnership with NIDA. This innovative program is well-documented and nationally recognized.

Events like ‘Shatter the Myths’ are unique and precious opportunities to empower young people. Few goals are more important than giving kids fact-based insights into their behaviors and the many things that can threaten their well-being”

- Dr. Ruben Baler Scientist on the Neurobiology of Drug Abuse and Addiction, NIDA

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