What We Do

Career Mentoring Programs

We support healthy-decision making in young people by providing them with professional adult mentors through partnerships with the corporate community. The goal of the Career Mentoring Program is to help empower and motivate high school students to higher academic and personal success.

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Students from our Living the Example program in Anne Arundel County

Peer-to-Peer Programs

By focusing on the innate talents of youth and providing a platform to make their voices heard, we help them become their own advocates for staying drug-free.

We empower youth to speak up and out against drugs and provide them a platform to be heard. Through interactive outreach campaigns and listening to our youth, we provide the tools for them to become their own advocates for staying drug-free.

Our two main peer-to-peer programs are the Living the Example Program and the Shatter the Myths Youth Rally.

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Parent Seminars

Our Parent Program is based on research and recommendations from the The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and aims to provide skills and techniques for parents to enhance their communication and relationship with their children. Mentor’s focus on parenting seminars complements the work we do with young people.

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