Mentor Inspo

Program Goal

The goal of our Mentor Inspo program is to ensure that students are prepared for post-secondary education, trade schools, or entry-level professional success. These are some of the skills that we work on throughout the program:

  • professional communication skills
  • knowledge about the college application process
  • knowledge about career fields
  • soft-skills for career development
  • self-efficacy for personal and professional problem-solving and goal-setting

Target Group

Our Mentor Inspo program is designed for underserved high school students in your community.

Program Curriculum

The program curriculum supports healthy decision-making in young people by providing them with professional adult mentors who can listen, guide, and provide meaningful opportunities.

At the end of the program, participating students will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships of up to $40,000 per student from an exclusive scholarship fund allocated to this program by the SFIG Foundation.

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    The SFIG Foundation is an affiliate of the Structured Finance Industry Group, Inc. (“SFIG”), a member-based trade industry group focused on improving and strengthening the broader structured finance and securitization market. The SFIG Foundation seeks to support youth education and partners with Scholarship America and Mentor Foundation USA to provide scholarship programs for the young people engaged in Mentor Foundation’s programs. The SFIG Foundation also connects scholarship winners to the significant network of the SFIG membership, which represents all sectors of the securitization market including issuers, investors, financial intermediaries, law firms, accounting firms, technology firms, rating agencies, servicers, and trustees.