Her Highness Princess Sora Saud

Sora Saud has built a legacy on breaking boundaries. Entrepreneur, businesswoman,
philanthropist, humanitarian, visionary. In just a short time, she’s created an unimaginable amount of impact — and continues to leave her mark each day.

Raised in Saudi Arabia, Sora learned the importance of key qualities at a young age. Qualities like individuality, risk-taking, compassion, courage, bravery. These childhood experiences shaped her story and have empowered her with a truly unique perspective: the ability to honor tradition while embracing tomorrow. A throughline that weaves throughout her mission.

For Sora, it’s not about seeing problems. It’s about understanding possibilities.

As she continued to grow up — traveling between Saudi Arabia, Europe, and the United States — she only further gravitated toward a life of service, making it her purpose to support and inspire communities both in her home country and abroad.

In 2017, Sora founded the Sora Saud Trading Company, a one of a kind business dedicated to championing creativity, solving problems through innovation, and bringing communities together. The business quickly gained popularity.

Today, the Trading Company is made up of ten unique projects — each making a measurable impact in their own way.

Whether it’s her impressive list of business ventures or her renowned humanitarian efforts, Sora isn’t just imagining a better world — she’s creating one. She believes in the trendsetters, the risk-takers, the uncommon individuals who, like her, exist by virtue of being different.

So no matter who you are. No matter where you’re from. No matter what you believe in. Sora invites you to embark on this extraordinary adventure with her. To discover the people you admire, the products you love, and places that define you.

Find the unique in your life and inspire others to find theirs.

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