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Nicole Ostlund

Nicole Ostlund, now the founder of NaNKey Bits, a cybersecurity development company, has worked in a variety of roles after completing her studies in Psychology, English, and Statistics. As a Data Scientist with AirBnB and Avery Dennison, she sought data-driven solutions while fostering creativity within her teams. She leads with a desire to cultivate a balanced culture of playful curiosity and perpetual agility.

In tandem with her industry work, Nicole has made charity work and service a life’s tenant. From a volunteer to a Chair for her Service Organization during her studies, she has served a variety of charity organizations, especially ones serving youth (CoachART, FreeArts, Boys and Girls Club) and the unhoused (NoHo Home Alliance). In all those domains, there has been and will be an emphasis on building towards better.

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