Sigrid Madzunkova: Winner of the 2022 ‘Living the Example’ National Video Contest

Mentor Foundation USA is proud to announce the winner of our 2022 "Living the Example" National Video Contest!

16 March 2022 | Living the Example

Photo Courtesy: Imogen Lee. Image by Mentor Foundation USA.

We are excited to announce the winner of our 2022 “Living the Example” National Video Contest! Just like previous years, we were blown away by the inspiring videos that were submitted by young people across the U.S., showing us how they are “Living the Example”.

Although all of the contestants showcased great ways to live the example and choose healthy alternatives, our jury was presented with the difficult task to crown one winner. After much deliberation, the jury agreed, and Mentor USA is now very happy to announce that it is Sigrid Madzunkova who is being awarded the first place prize winner of the 2022 “Living the Example” National Video Contest!

Sigrid is “Living the Example” by pursuing her own interests and ignoring negative influence while also giving back to the community. What an inspirational young woman!

- Winner motivation from one of the jury members

As the winner, Sigrid will be awarded a $500 cash prize and an amazing experience that will truly be “out of this world”! We will share what this experience is once it has happened, so stay tuned for the reveal.

Watch Sigrid’s winning video below!

Sigrid with other youths participating during Mentor USA’s 2021 Halloween event in Los Angeles.

About the National Video Contest

Once again, Mentor Foundation USA has hosted its Living The Example National Video Contest for youth across the U.S. The campaign has, since its launch in 2012, amassed a reach of more than 327,000 people – and trust us, we’re going bigger!

The ‘Living the Example’ contest was created to celebrate and empower youth to stay drug-free by providing a powerful platform to speak up and out against drugs and promote healthy living. The contest is organized by Mentor Foundation USA to give young people the opportunity to showcase how they are “living the example” and making a difference in their community.

About the ‘Living the Example’ Program

Mentor Foundation USA’s ‘Living the Example’ (LTE) peer-to-peer program empowers youth to speak up and out against drugs and provides them a platform to be heard. Through interactive outreach campaigns and listening to our youth, we provide the tools for them to become their own advocates for staying drug-free. The National Video Contest is a part of the LTE Program. Read more about the LTE Program here.