Board of Directors

Gudrun Giddings

Gudrun Giddings is the Honorary Swedish Consul at the Swedish Consulate in Los Angeles. She also serves as the President and Chair of The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce-LA. Gudrun is the founder of G4C Innovation and one of the founders of Entertainment Capital & Network. Gudrun previously served as a Producer and Vice President of Production at Paradox Entertainment. Before joining Paradox, Gudrun was the Director of Production for Davis Films, under the distribution company Metropolitan Filmexport. 

With more than 20+ years in various capacities within entertainment, Gudrun is currently utilizing her skill-set and background to bring awareness to social entrepreneurship.  Some of her interests, including studies, are within the fields of, international and cultural relations, innovation, theology and spiritual philosophy, anthropology, literature, and the arts. 

Gudrun majored in political science and was studying pre-law before she started to work in the entertainment industry. 

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