Corporate Partnerships

Is your company looking for a way to give back and make a difference in the community?

Companies are paying increasing attention to their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social agenda. Corporate Social Responsibility efforts positively affect the way the companies do business, including increasing brand awareness and employee satisfaction.

Mentor is looking for business leaders and companies who understand the importance of investing in the future of our youth. You can make a difference in your community by inspiring youth to realize their full potential and helping to lead the way to a brighter future.

We are in a very competitive hiring market and potential employees always ask about our CSR programs. Working with Mentor has allowed us to retain great employees and provide invaluable CSR opportunities for our company.

Julie Whipple, Global Director, Corporate Social Responsibility at Qlik

Annual Partnership Opportunities

Your donation powers Mentor Foundation USA to provide meaningful programs for youth in need. By making a charitable donation to Mentor, your organization will help thousands of young people in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. While the programs listed below are program specific funding opportunities, we welcome the opportunity to discuss funding opportunities tailored to your company. Contact us to discuss more.

Through our Career Mentoring Program, we partner directly with the corporate community to help support healthy decision-making in young people. Professional adult mentors listen, guide, and provide meaningful opportunities for youth in need. The goal of the Career Mentoring Program is to ensure that students are prepared for post-secondary education, trade schools, or entry-level professional success. At the end of the program, participating students will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships of up to $40,000 per student from an exclusive scholarship fund allocated to this program by the Structured Finance Association.

Participating in Career Mentoring makes a dramatic difference in the lives of both underserved high school students in your community and your employees.

Join this fun and rewarding Career Mentoring Program to help empower and motivate high school students to higher academic success!

Review the program details here and apply to become a Career Mentoring Company here.

Our ‘Living the Example’ (LTE) program is an innovative peer-to-peer drug prevention and education program that has proven effective in shifting students’ intents and attitudes towards substance use. Evaluation has found that students exposed to the LTE program are six times less likely to intend to use any substance.

The program objective is to engage adolescents, parents, educators and the community in an effective substance use prevention and education program. A central and unique strategy is to involve adolescents in communicating positive messages regarding substance abuse to their peers using age-appropriate terminology and media transmittal systems (social media) most used by them.

Learn more about the Living the Example Program hereContact us to support the Living the Example Program.

One of the most powerful thing parents can do is to build and maintain strong relationships with their children. That is not always easy, but intentional investment in the parent-child relationship is the most important way a parent can help their children develop the tools needed to succeed in life.

Mentor’s parent workshops are held to help educate parents and caregivers about current substance use threats and local resources to seek help. Parents are taught to identify early signs of addiction through the Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) approach. Workshops also provide skills and techniques for parents to enhance their communication and relationship with their children. The goal of the workshop is to increase parent awareness of the dangers surrounding substance abuse and increase knowledge of how to get help if needed for themselves and/or their child through a local service provider.

Read more about the Parent Seminar hereContact us to invest in our Parent Seminars.

During key times of the year, we focus on reaching the public with important messages and calls to action in support of our programming. When you align with our campaigns, you spotlight your company’s community commitment and reinforce a cause relevant and meaningful to your customers and employees – all while receiving the brand lift of alignment with Mentor.

Is your company interested in donating a percentage of sales or collecting donations from customers? Contact us to discuss how your company can get involved.

People want to give back during the holiday season. Not only does giving back make you feel amazing, but giving back to your community is a huge part of how our society functions. At Mentor, we capture the season’s spirit of giving with our annual Holiday Campaign. Our campaign gives people the opportunity to “give a gift that gives back.” Get your employees involved and give the holiday season a new meaning together with Mentor.

Each December we celebrate Giving Tuesday. On this day, thousands of people across the globe will come together to support the important work of thousands of non-profits by making a financial donation. Be a part of this movement by engaging your employees for Giving Tuesday. In 2020, Giving Tuesday will be on December 1st, 2020. Contact us to get involved for Giving Tuesday.

Follow in the path of our supporters who have made Corporate Social Responsibility a part of their core values: