On April 10th, 2014 Mentor Foundation USA had the honor of awarding the H&M drug free t-shirt slogan contest winner, Santiago Romero, at Springbrook high school. Mentor Foundation USA presented Santiago a Partner in Prevention award for his creative effort to motivate peers to stay drug free.

11 April 2014 | News

Jamila Sams, Program Director for Mentor Foundation USA, introduced the 400 students in attendance to who we are and what we do. Presenting images of celebrities that we have lost to drug abuse and some hard statistics about the growing problem of drug abuse Jamila was able to engage the students in a positive way and present them with facts before they head  into prom season.

Michael Coursey, Marketing Director for Mentor, gave his personal testimony and what has motivated him while presenting the idea that success is something each of us get to define. Michael also gave an overview of the 2013 campaign highlighting the creative slogans received and the decision making process. Michael  presented Santiago Romero with his award to a standing ovation before leading the students in a pledge with Jamila.

We are honored to partner with H&M for the drug free t-shirt slogan contest and are proud to present Santiago with his award. Success is My Addiction proved to be a very popular slogan, there are only 22 shirts left for sale across the country on H&M.com!