Today Mentor Foundation USA officially launches our FUND 15 campaign. Our goal is to provide 15 youth with professional mentors for the 2014-2015 school year. We need to raise $15,000 before July to do this.

12 May 2014 | News

We want to empower 150 people to raise or donate$100. $10 from 10 friends or $5 from 20 friends is all it takes to make a difference. Not everyone has the time to become but we can all make an impact. Our goal is to provide an easy opportunity to impact youth in a big way.

Most people wait around to do something “great” and let the opportunity to do “good” pass them by everyday. Most people think $5 or $10 won’t make a difference but we want to show how powerful the community can be when we join together to do “good” every chance we get!

Everyone deserves to have a Mentor in their life, someone to help guide and prepare them or just be a sounding board for dreams and ideas. This knows no age limit but is especially needed for the students we work with searching for someone to stand with them. Together we can make this happen, help us FUND 15by pledging to raise or donate today!

You can track the weekly progress of the campaign and see pictures and stories of the youth we work here on our blog and on Facebook at