18 of our mentoring students from Cesar Chavez Charter School of Public Diplomacy received ‘the big league’ treatment at Monumental Sports with an Authentic Career Experience.

14 June 2014 | News

The students traveled to the Verizon Center in downtown Washington, DC. Our Authentic Career experiences are much more than “take your kids to work” day, Mentor Foundation USA encourages each business partner to challenge the students and provide experiences that they could not get elsewhere. Monumental Sports exceeded students’ expectations by allowing them to get the same on the job training that all new hires receive. In the end, Monumental was a pleasantly surprised when our students not only rose to the challenge but excelled beyond expectations.

Monumental introduced the students to the sales process testing their skills at calling prospective new clients. The students practiced their communications skills while receiving a rigorous training process in an effort to land the big sales. Not only did they observe and learn from the experts, they were given the same tests and held to the same standards that each new employee receives. The 18 students were split into groups and were required to make test sales calls. Competing against one another, the students surprised the experts with their ability to learn and adopt new skills.

Monumental commented that the winner of the competition, Kejohnna Gary, preformed better than most rookie employees. “Kejohnna delivered one of the best sales pitch calls that we’ve ever heard.”

Our Monumental experience proved to be a favorite for many students. It challenged and allowed them to practice valuable interpersonal and communications skills. From the moment they walked into the arena, where many of their favorite athletes play, they were motivated and inspired to go above and beyond.

Mentor Foundation USA creates these experiences with the help of the business community in an effort to guide students toward paths they may have never known existed. Working with each corporation, we design experiences to motivate and challenge students at the same time as we bridge the gap between the school and the workforce. Our Authentic Career Experiences prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow by allowing them to learn from the leaders of today.