We all know that a child should never feel alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges. But the reality in the United States is that 8.5 million youth are without a caring adult in their life. We need to change that.

7 November 2014 | News

Mentoring reassures a young person that there is someone who cares about them. Our Mentoring in Schools Program builds on combining life-skills development with exposure to various careers through our relationships with the business community. All that we ask of our mentors is that they ‘show up and care.’

Our mentors are recruited from some of the DC area’s most prestigious corporations, top government agencies, law firms and financial institutions – all sharing the same concern about the future of our nation’s youth and all eager to pay it forward to the next generation of leaders.

We are so proud to welcome new and returning mentors and mentees! These relationships are paramount in the lives of our young people, At the end of each mentoring session, mentors and mentees give “Shout Outs”  notes of gratitude. “I want to shout out my mentor Bree for being there for me these past 3 years, I was really shy and did not know what to expect, but she has stuck with me and I want to thank her for that,” ‘shouted’ Talyia an 11th grader who is mentored by Bree from HOK, an renowned global engineering and architecture firm.

We kicked-off this year’s mentoring program with a day of teambuilding activities led by Outward Bound. Mentors and mentees worked together to find solutions to fun challenges that brought them together as mentoring pairs and fostered the foundation for creating a fruitful mentoring culture.

As a result of our impactful Mentoring in Schools program with Cesar Chavez Charter School for Public Policy Parkside campus, in partnership with the DC Promised Neighborhood Initiative, we are very excited to that our program is now also serving students at Cesar Chavez’ Capitol Hill campus. The expansion of our Mentoring in Schools program is made possible with grants from The Care for the Children Fund and the Rip Van Winkle Foundation.

As human beings, regardless of our ethnicity, socio-economic status or gender; we are the sum of the stories we have lived and the new stories we will create. Mentor Foundation USA’s goal is to help youth create positive stories of success and foster a desire for them to grow and help others create positive stores.

We have many more youth who are in need of mentors to help them create positive stories. Join our mentoring movement and share your story with a young person by becoming a mentor in our Mentoring In Schools Program.Apply here to be a Mentor 

By Jamila Sams, Program Director, Mentor