One of our missions and passions here at Mentor Foundation USA is empowering young people nationwide to speak up and out against drugs and provide a pathway to healthy living.

11 November 2014 | News

With the help of global fashion retailer H&M we came up with the “H&M t-Shirt Slogan Contest,” which was launched in the greater DC area in 2010.

This year we have taken the contest nationwide. With a 400% increase in number of submissions from last year, youth across the US are coming back with strong, creative, and empowering messages to help their peers stay away from drugs and alcohol. So far, youth from 24 States and 35 cities have taken time to come up with effective peer-to-peer messages against drugs. . This is proof positive that not only is the message about drug abuse and prevention reaching our youth but that this is a subject for which they have an immense passion.

Young people have a lot to say and share. We as adults need to take time to listen to our youth. With the hundreds of anti-drug slogans that we have received we can help young people spark discussion among their peers about how substance abuse and addiction affects their personal lives and communities.

To kick-start conversations about substance abuse and inspire youth to write these amazing slogans we put together a drug fact sheet and created a writing workshop. This was shared with educators, youth, community leaders, and youth development groups across the country.

If you know any teachers or high school students that would be interested in getting the word out against substance abuse please click on the below links. The winner of the competition gets a t-shirt designed by H&M with his/her slogan and lots more.  The t-shirt is sold nationwide by H&M. Proceeds go to Mentor Foundation USA to support our drug prevention work.:

Last day for submissions is November 14. Enter today!!!!

By Joseph Green, Program Coordinator, Mentor Foundation USA