Mentor Foundation is proud to welcome SEB in New York as our newest corporate partner investing in youth and helping them realize their potential.

25 May 2015 | News

“We are very excited about partnering with SEB and expanding our programing to serve youth in New York city,” said Gunilla Girardo, President of Mentor Foundation USA.  “Working with the business community is key to our success — bridging the gap between school and professional life. All it takes for us to reach more youth across the U.S. is for business professionals like the SEB team to step up to the plate. Our programs are very portable.”“SEB has a strong history of Corporate Social Responsibility where we engage in and support programs both globally and locally. Here at our New York office we are at a point of trying to figure out how we can have a bigger impact locally at the same time as we engage more of our employees in community outreach programs,” remarks Elena Flyckt, VP, Client Executive at SEB Merchant Banking, and a member of SEB’s Corporate Social Responsibility team.   “Helping youth succeed and make healthy choices is important for SEB,” Elena states, adding that: “With the help of Mentor Foundation we now have access to a more structured platform using Mentor’s expertise in mentoring programs to serve youth very close to our home.”

The “My Money Matters with SEB” is what we call an Authentic Career Experience,” explains Jamila Sams, Program Director for Mentor Foundation USA. Adding that: “In this case we have designed a program where students will explore personal financial choices while learning to make informed financial decisions as well as learn about various banking careers with an emphasis on international banking.”

Mentor Foundation USA views prevention as a collective civil responsibility; therefore, we partner with the business community, government agencies, schools and parents to create healthy and productive pathways for youth through a platform of integrated programs designed to have the most impact on youth.

If you or your company also wants to host an Authentic Career Experience, contact Jamila Sams, at [email protected]