With support from the Rip Van Winkle Foundation and in partnership with The National Institute on Drug Abuse we are preparing to bring our new edition of the Shattering the Myths program to Hudson Valley area high schools starting in the fall of 2015.

24 August 2015 | News

“We are extremely excited about the expansion of our peer-to-peer drug prevention program to serve youth in Columbia County, Hudson Valley, NY,”remarked Gunilla Girardo, President of Mentor Foundation USA.  This pilot, which will include four high schools, is a very important part of our strategy to make the Shattering the Myths program accessible to youth across the United States.
This interactive program is designed to dispel the myths that young people have about drug abuse such as: “It can’t hurt to try it just once“You can’t overdose on prescription drugs” and “Everybody is doing it!” 
By focusing on the innate talents and strengths that young people already have, they become their biggest advocates for staying drug–free. The newShattering the Myth program includes tools and training for youth ambassadors at each school to continue the spreading the facts about drugs and alcohol to their peers and show and share how they are ‘Living the Example on social media and through various activities at their schools.
 The goals of this program are: 

  • To provide scientific based information regarding the effects of drugs and alcohol on the teenage brain and body.
  • To increase teenage empathy levels regarding substance abuse through authentic and personal testimonies.
  • To provide a non-consequential and non-judgmental platform for youth to share their opinions about substance abuse through performance or visual expression.
  • To celebrate and recognize youth who share examples of how they are “Living the Example” of being drug and alcohol free.

The program kicks off with a one-day youth rally at each school accompanied by a county wide seminar for parents to share information about how to prevent their children falling victims to drug abuse.
To see a Shattering the Myth youth rally in action watch the videos below: