Ichabod Crane Youth Ambassadors Host ‘Shattering The Myths’ Week

During "Shattering the Myths Week" at Ichabod Crane High School, in Columbia County, NY S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and the ‘Shattering the Myths’ Youth Ambassadors worked hard on designing a program to bring awareness to their fellow students through a variety of creative activities and ideas.

15 April 2016 | News

Impressively, they planned three full days of activities to build awareness about the dangers of drug abuse.  Activities included a student body rally, a “Dream Wall” which is an area that students can create and display artwork or written testimonials about their hopes and dreams for their future, a trivia contest focusing on drug facts and fiction with prizes for the most correct answers, “Selfie Nation” where students take photos of themselves and describe how they are living a drug-free life using positive language and then forward these photos on their social media sites, and activities in physical education classes that simulate breathing while smoking were all part of the fun week focused on “Shattering the Myths” about drugs.
Participation was enthusiastic at the school and the students who led these activities not only gained leadership skills, but also had a great time.  The Youth Ambassadors worked hard to ‘Shatter the Myths’ about illegal drugs, increase awareness about making choices in high school that have lasting consequences and on a positive note, showcase ICHS students ‘Living the Example’ of a drug free life.  Many members of the student body were engaged in the three-day event, participating in trivia challenges and other activities, and opening up about their struggles during a spoken word poetry workshop facilitated by Mentor Program Facilitator, Sergio Chavez and spoken word artist, Umani O. Students at ICHS are truly on the path to ‘living the example’ of a drug free life.

Check out all of the highlights on the Living The Example Facebook page or search #LivingTheExample on Instagram!

Shattering the Myths is a Mentor Foundation USA sponsored program that is designed to be peer-led, and peer-driven as much as possible in order to harness young people’s innate talents and strengths to allow the truth to be illuminated about drug/alcohol abuse, versus the myths often perpetuated by media that drug use is glamorous or inconsequential.