Shattering The Myths NYC: Science Vs Myths with Dr. Maureen Boyle

Dr. Maureen Boyle, Science Policy Branch Chief at NIDA, shared a series of slides and gave a scientific explanation of the effects that drugs have on the development of a young person’s brain, and why people become addicted—there is a physical reason “…drug abuse is a brain disorder” and addiction cannot be considered merely a moral failure as it was once was.

22 April 2016 | News

Protect your brain because you are not going to get another one.

Dr. Maureen Boyle

Interestingly, teens in the audience asked many questions regarding marijuana use, as it is considered ‘medicinal’ in some areas, whether or not it is really as bad as some say. Dr. Boyle responded thoughtfully regarding the science of addiction and when Mr. Chavez asked everyone in the audience to turn to their neighbor to share one fact learned from the presentation, there was lively sharing of information. Dr. Boyle’s message was one of encouragement and caution, stating: “The adolescent brain is much more sensitive to drug abuse. Drug abuse is a brain disorder and if you are messing with your brain at a young age you will never know your full potential.”