Swing Fore Youth Tournament a Hole-in-One for Youth Drug Prevention

CLIFTON, Va. – Participants in this year's "Swing Fore Youth" golf tournament swung their clubs to benefit Mentor Foundation USA, scoring a hole-in-one with more than $45,000 raised to keep youth drug-free.

5 July 2016 | News

The event, held at Westfields Golf Club in Clifton, Virginia, was hosted by Technology Management Associates, Inc. (TMA) for the second year in a row. More than 100 players and close to 30 companies attended the sold-out tournament – a significant increase from last year’s inaugural event. TMA is an employee-owned company founded in 1993 and a leading provider to the intelligence and defense communities.LaMont Wells, TMA and Mentor board member, said this year’s event was “highly successful” in both turn out and for the opportunity to support Mentor Foundation’s important work.

“My discussions with participants were very positive,” Wells said. “Everyone appreciated the opportunity to contribute to the welfare of our youth.”

“Swing Fore Youth” provided a platform for Mentor to promote the importance of investing in the future of our nation’s youth. Adolescent drug abuse affects schools across the United States; it is Mentor’s mission to utilize company involvement, peer-to-peer programming, and in-school prevention to make an impact youth and to help them realize their full potential.

“Under the leadership of our Vice Chair LaMont Wells and CEO Gunilla Girardo, ‘Swing Fore Youth’ was a terrific event for Mentor Foundation USA again this year.  All the participants had a great time, of course, and, because of generous supporters, it was a terrific fundraiser for our wonderful cause,” Board Chairman, Dan Nelson, said. “Beyond that, it introduced Mentor to a group of people who otherwise might not intersect with us. We know that their support will be central to our success on an ongoing basis – hopefully, for years to come.”

If you or your company participated in this year’s tournament, we thank you for your support and hope to see you next year! If you are new to Mentor and/or would like to participate, we encourage you to watch our website next summer’s announcement.

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by Sidney Randolph