Youth Ambassador Social Media Training #LivingTheExample

In early April 2016, the Youth Ambassador Network (YAN) at Ichabod Crane Central School District (ICCSD) participated in a Social Media and Branding training workshop led by Mentor Foundation USA.

26 July 2016 | News

The curriculum for this training is developed by Professor Doug Evans of George Washington University and facilitated by Mentor Foundation USA to help the student ambassadors understand how social media can be used as a tool to  create social change, in this case, prevention of drug abuse.

During the training, the youth ambassadors had the opportunity to discuss substance and alcohol use issues and how they could utilize a variety of social media approaches to impact peer-groups when dealing with matters of substance and alcohol use. Track some of the inspiring, educating and insightful messages via #LivingTheExample

Currently, the Youth Ambassadors are developing their own social media content about the impact of alcohol and substance use to share on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. The resulting social media activity is tracked via analytic tools that measure the reach of these posts, measuring the level of impact on the student body and beyond.

Mentor Foundation USA and George Washington University are excited to continue to work on this project for the remainder of the school year with the Youth Ambassadors at ICCSD, and look forward to reporting further results as the social media impact analysis continues to develop.