Living The Example Spotlight: Saege Lasher

Saege is an 11th grader at Ichabod Crane High School and lives in Niverville, NY. She is one of three children. She has a 27-year-old brother who is in the Marines and a sister in 7th grade.

16 February 2017 | News

Her mom is a pharmacist technician and her Dad works for PSE&G. Saege was a finalist in Mentor USA’s national “Living the Example” video contest, placing in the top five.

Saege is a self-taught pianist, having begun only 2-3 years ago. After getting a new piano for Christmas, she began writing songs and composing. Music is a huge part of Saege’s life. On her video submission for the LTE contest, she is shown singing as part of her church. She is on the “Worship Team” that sing songs throughout the service that are based either on a specific theme or the topic of the sermon. She belongs to a non-denominational church that she says has given her a second family since she was 8 years old and, even more importantly, a second support system. Being part of the worship team has also taught her leadership.

She chose to submit for the Living the Example video contest because she wanted to spread the word that there’s other things out there other than drugs.

I take music and put all my efforts into it, and I don’t have time for drugs because it’s scary where that can go.

According to Saege, it’s not always easy for teens, because lots of people think teens don’t know what they are talking about because they are young, and that’s not the case.

“Kids shouldn’t be looked down on simply because of age,” she said

Teens can end up on the wrong path because they don’t have the encouragement to go after their dreams, or have the support of family and friends. I’ve always had that and it makes me motivated. Adults need to show teens that they are not alone.

“Don’t treat teens like they are children, but like young adults with serious needs that deserve to be heard,” she said. “I am lucky to have not only my family but my church to support me. It helps me keep my mind set on my goals.”

In addition to her involvement in music, both personally and with the church, Saege is also active in the “interact club” at school dedicated to community service. In addition, through her involvement in the LTE Video contest, she has also gotten more involved with the school’s Youth Ambassador Network.

Eventually, Saege wants to become a pediatric nurse. She loves working with kids and wants to have an impact on them the way places like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital does.

There’s hope. Don’t give up. People are here to help. You are strong and there are people here to help you find your passions. You have a future and it’s a brighter future without drugs.

Thank you Saege for continuing to “live the example”!