Peer-to-Peer Drug Prevention Program in Partnership with DCPNI

WASHINGTON—Mentor Foundation USA is excited to announce our partnership with the D.C. Promise Neighborhood Initiative (DCPNI) to bring our peer-to-peer drug prevention program to Ward 7 and 8 in Washington DC.

16 February 2017 | News

This innovative evidence-based program will bring together students from different D.C. neighboring schools to lead prevention efforts in their community as Youth Ambassadors. With D.C. Promise Neighborhood Initiative (DCPNI)’s support, the Youth Ambassadors in this program will gain access to generous scholarship opportunities via Mentor Foundation USA’s partnership with SFIG Foundation and Scholarship America.

Our peer-to-peer program is designed to dispel the myths surrounding drug abuse and provide youth a platform to speak up and out against drugs. By focusing on the innate talents and strengths that young people already have, they become their biggest advocates for staying drug–free. We empower youth to speak up and out against drugs and provide them a platform to be heard. Through interactive outreach campaigns and listening to our youth, we provide the tools for them to become their own advocates for staying drug-free.

Some of the objectives that will be measured include:

  • Participants’ levels of perceived dangers surrounding drug and alcohol use pre-, mid- and post-program.
  • Participation level of teens in peer-led community-wide prevention activities.
  • Participation level of parents in program related activities.
  • Impact of the program’s counter-marketing social media campaign.
  • Access to scholarships for youth to pursue higher education.