The Mentor Foundation USA team and Dr. Ruben Baler visits Drive Time Radio Show on WGXC 90.7.

27 March 2018 | News

In March, Mentor Foundation USA hosted their Shattering the Myths rallies at the four partner schools in Hudson, NY. During this week campaign the Mentor team and NIDA scientist Dr. Ruben Baler came on the local radio show Drive Time on WGXC 90.7. The premise of the show was to highlight the work of Mentor, Promote the Shatter the Myths youth rallies, and introduce the county to the personalities of the Mentor team.

The show opened with a history of each staff and how each team member started their work with Mentor. We were also joined by Ruben Baler, Ph.D., who is not your typical neuroscientist. Dr. Baler has studied in his native country Argentina, the U.S., and Israel. He is fluent in three languages. His work at NIDA enables him to publish scientific papers and collaborate on presentations and speeches with Mentor Foundation USA. His true passion is teaching young people about the brain. Dr. Baler spoke about his history with Mentor and talked about some of the key points he is discussing with students during the Shatter the Myths Youth Rally. Dr. Baler exhibited his history and experience in his work with the adolescent brain. Giving his professional take on the debate is drug abuse a disease or a choice.


Missed the show? Listen to the show here.


Drive Time on WGXC 90.7. broadcast to all of Columbia and Greene Counties every Wednesday from 4pm-6pm. The show features local news, interviews with community leaders and personalities, a rundown of local and regional events as well as celebrity guests.