Taconic Hills HS and Ichabod Crane HS Youth Ambassadors: Crash Simulation

18 May 2018 | News

For their final change project in the month of May, Youth Ambassadors at Taconic Hills HS and Ichabod Crane HS together hosted a crash simulation for 7th-12th grade students. The purpose of the crash simulation was to demonstrate the consequences of driving while under the influence and/or being distracted by texting. With prom day approaching, students pledged to have a safe, sober and fun prom night.

The group of the Youth Ambassadors at the two High Schools created shirts and posters to put in great perspective of the consequences of impaired driving. The shirts that were made had a statistical fact of that every 53 minutes a life is ended because of impaired driving. The consequences of driving under the influenced were mentioned in their posters of what the outcome may be, such as jail time, hospital and even possible death for not only the one driving but those around. The younger grades appreciated the event and were able to see how their decisions can impact themselves and the people around them.