Mentor launched #MyTeenageMe Social Media Campaign

Mentor launched its first-ever global social media campaign, #MyTeenageMe. A viral social media campaign, coordinated on three different continents and in multiple countries around the world.

8 November 2018 | News

It was an image sharing campaign, where adults of all ages were nominated through social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to upload teenage pictures and share stories of themselves. The purpose was to get people thinking about the needs of young people, to raise awareness and mobilize support for Mentor.

The campaign ran in social media channels where many of our supporters spend time. It highlighted the diversity and number of potential mentors that are out there who understand the challenges and vulnerabilities of being a teenager.

#MyTeenageMe was an international, collaborative effort involving all Mentor National Members. The concept was to be visually stimulating with no language or cultural barriers. With a twinkle in its eye, it reinforced Mentor’s conviction that every young person deserves the support of a caring adult to help them reach their full potential look to the future with hope.

We reached more than 3 million users!

#myteenageme made
over 4 million impressions!

We gained over 700 new followers!