$10,000 Investment by Obsidian Solutions Group

Thank you, Jim Wiley and Tyrone Logan of Obsidian Solutions Group for the generous support!

9 March 2020 | News

A BIG Thank You to Jim Wiley and Tyrone Logan of Obsidian Solutions Group for presenting Mentor with a $10,000 donation! Tyrone is the CEO and co-founder of Obsidian and currently also serves on the board for Mentor Foundation USA.

Obsidian Solutions Group understands the importance of investing in our communities' future and the importance of supporting our youth. We value building a stable foundation for later generations and hope this helps to empower those striving for success.

Tyrone Logan, CEO & Co-Founder at Obsidian Solutions Group

Are you also interested in supporting the health and well-being of young people? Contact us directly to explore partnership opportunities. Every dollar invested in our programs will help us fulfill our mission to empower young people to live healthy and productive lives, free of drugs.

Employees at Obsidian Solutions Group
Michaela Pratt (President & CEO, Mentor Foundation USA) & Tyrone Logan (CEO & Co-Founder, Obsidian Solutions Group)

About Obsidian Solutions Group (OSG)

Obsidian Solutions Group (OSG) is a diversified consulting and technology company providing flexible, responsible, and innovative solutions in support of the U. S. federal government, its various agencies, in the execution of the National Security Strategy, National Defense Strategy, and other actions, programs, and goals described in the nation’s national strategy documents.