$105,000 in scholarships awarded to four students in Anne Arundel County

For the fourth year, The Structured Finance Foundation, Mentor Foundation USA, and Scholarship America have partnered to further educational opportunities for underserved youth in Mentor Foundation USA’s youth programs.

8 June 2020 | News

We are thrilled to introduce 4 new recipients of the Structured Finance Foundation Scholarship. The students are Sierra Fowler of Old Mill High School, and Abigail Ward, Tony Woo, and Grace Boudris of Northeast High School who have been awarded a combined $105,000 in scholarships, which will be distributed as they progress in their studies.

It is truly amazing that the Structured Finance Foundation has awarded 33 students from our programs over $1,000,000 in scholarships. These are truly life-changing scholarships for our young students and a beautiful example of how to organizations can collaborate for the greater good.

Michaela Pratt, President & CEO, Mentor Foundation USA

The Structured Finance Foundation, Mentor Foundation USA, and Scholarship America have partnered to further educational opportunities for underserved youth who have successfully completed Mentor Foundation USA’s Career Mentoring or Youth Ambassador programs. Since 2017, the Structured Finance Foundation has awarded 33 students over $900,000 in scholarships.

At the Structured Finance Foundation, we are proud to help ensure the next generation of leaders have the opportunity to pursue higher education while lessening the financial burden that comes along with that endeavor.

Leslie Sack, Executive Director of the Structured Finance Foundation

Meet our 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Grace Boudris
Northeast High School
Attending University of Maryland, College Park

While my parents never had the chance to go to college, I will be the first in my family to attend. This scholarship makes it possible for me to achieve an education further than high school and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity.

Tony Woo – Northeast High School
Attending Florida Institute of Technology

The Mentor Foundation has brought the best out of me and I cannot thank them enough for that. The 'Living the Example' program has given me a platform to express what I’m passionate about. I’m beyond honored to receive this award and be apart of the LTE family.

Sierra Fowler – Old Mill High School
Attending Anne Arundel Community College

This scholarship means my family won’t have to worry about me being able to further my education, especially with my brother being an addict himself and our family raising his children. I feel very blessed to be able to use my story to help others.

Abigail Ward – Northeast High School
Attending United States Naval Academy

This program has taught me a lot. It taught me I can create change in my own community as a student, it taught me how important it is to stand up for things I believe in, and it really taught me more about what it means to be a leader: to truly live the example, not just speak about it. This scholarship means that I can take these lessons and apply them in college and beyond as I strive to continue to have a positive impact in the communities around me.

About the Structured Finance Foundation

The Structured Finance Foundation is an affiliate of the Structured Finance Association, Inc. (SFA), a member-based, trade industry group focused on improving and strengthening the broader structured finance and securitization market. The Structured Finance Foundation seeks to support youth education, and will initially partner with Scholarship America and Mentor Foundation USA to develop and provide scholarship programs for the young people engaged in the Mentor Foundation’s programs. The Structured Finance Foundation will also connect scholarship winners to the significant network of the SFA membership, which represents all sectors of the securitization market including issuers, investors, financial intermediaries, law firms, accounting firms, technology firms, rating agencies, servicers, and trustees.  structuredfinance.org

About the Living the Example Program

Our ‘Living the Example’ (LTE) peer-to-peer program empowers youth to speak up and out against drugs and provides them a platform to be heard. Through interactive outreach campaigns and listening to our youth, we provide the tools for them to become their own advocates for staying drug-free. The program has shown promising results in terms of shifts in attitudes towards drugs and intent to use drugs. Read more about the program.