Youth Ambassadors Take Action to Inspire their Peers

At Mentor Foundation USA we strive to empower youth and provide them with the tools they need to make healthy life choices. We work with innovative, evidence-based intervention approaches to prevent youth substance use and promote health and wellbeing.

8 February 2023 | News

A key part of our drug prevention program is our Youth Ambassador Network. Youth Ambassadors are trained in leadership as well as social media advocacy and branding.

Through our peer-to-peer programs young people are provided with a platform to make their voices heard and we help them become their own advocates for staying drug-free. During 2023 we will continue our work with Mentor Foundation USA’s Youth Ambassador Network, and can’t wait to meet more young ambassadors as we know that our peer-to-peer programming has proven to be much successful and effective, over the years.

You can find more information about our peer-to-peer programs and what we do here!