Journeys of hope: A Conversation on Recovery with Our CEO and Maddi

In honor of Recovery Month, Maddi and Nicole share their experiences and answer questions about the journey through addiction to recovery from their unique perspectives.

30 September 2023 | News

Nicole has seen what drug abuse can do firsthand and is determined to do whatever she can to prevent other families from going through the same situation. In 2017, her sister Maddi entered rehab and has been successfully recovering from her primary vices since then. Nicole explains that her family and support network were shocked when Maddi’s arrest and drug test revealed the path she was on. However, with the help of her family, peers, mentors in rehab, and other loved ones, Maddi was able to make a positive change in her life.


Nicole’s questions to Maddi

When did you realize you were ready to start your recovery?

When I was told I had a choice between jail or rehab, I chose the latter. But when Grandpa died, I knew I would be back on the streets until I was ready to be sober long-term.

How did mentors, sponsors, and peers assist with your recovery?

Having super group and being in the program really helped me to connect with people and to really see who I am. Now that I have been sober off of meth for a few years and 6 months clean off weed I realize I am not dependent on it anymore and I can have fun without it.

What advice would you give to others on their recovery journey?

To those who are on or have not reached their rock bottom yet, don’t be afraid of the world that doesn’t include you using. I have seen many families and friends being robbed of their time together. Mothers losing their sons, sisters losing their brothers. The only way to get help is with people who will fight for your life and will guide you to a brighter tomorrow.


Maddi’s questions to Nicole

How did the recovery recognition affect you?

When my family learned about her use, we were heartbroken. I was living abroad at the time and being outside, literally, and figuratively, of the situation made me feel powerless.

What effect did having a support system have on her recovery?

The first time I came home to visit after she went to rehab, our family went to an AlAnon meeting. It wasn’t until then that I realized the necessity of being able to verbalize the struggles with others going through the same, as family and as addicts.

What advice would you give to others on their recovery journey?

Being open about the struggles. Recovery and addiction still have shame attached to them, but having honesty around it helps to erode that little by little. Oh, and I’m proud of you!!

About Recovery Month

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