Cecilia Bernard, Secretary General of Mentor International visits Mentor USA

This month, Mentor USA was visited by the Secretary General of Mentor International and Mentor Sweden, Cecilia Bernard. To introduce Cecilia to LA, we wanted to showcase a couple of our wonderful partners, who help us to bring mentorship to young Angelinos.

29 November 2023 | Press

At the DEA, an agency playing a pivotal role in the nation’s efforts to combat drug trafficking and abuse, we were greeted by a team of adept agents welcomed us, providing a comprehensive overview of the DEA’s mission, intelligence gathering strategies, and the collaborative efforts that underpin their operations, especially with regard to their outreach programs.

Transitioning from the realm of law enforcement, our Mentor USA tour took us to EF Private School in Pasadena, a supporter and partner of Mentor USA AND Mentor Sweden. The focus shifted to global education, cultural enrichment, and the importance of being a stakeholder in the local community.

It was wonderful to host Cecilia, and we look forward to future visits soon!