Celebrating International Youth Day with Youth Advisory Committee President Jeremy

Today, August 12th, is International Youth Day. In light of this special occasion, Jeremy, our Youth Advisory Committee President, shares his thoughts and experiences on youth initiatives and actions.

12 August 2021 | Youth Advisory Committee

Greetings! My name is Jeremy Dawidowicz, and I am currently a rising Junior studying Financial Economics at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. I first became involved with Mentor Foundation USA through the Living The Example program in 2018 and was also graciously awarded the 2019 Structured Finance Foundation scholarship, along with my twin brother. Today, I am very proud to be the President of the Youth Advisory Committee!

Outside of Mentor, I enjoy volunteering in my free time, anything from helping at the local food bank to mentoring others. It inspires me to help make my community the best place it can be!

Mentor Foundation USA is a fantastic organization, full of world-class leaders working together to make the lives of future generations of youth better. It's a great cause.

Jeremy Dawidowicz, President of the Youth Advisory Committee

We have, through the committee, focused on inventing creative ways to connect with young people digitally to help youth through the past year’s difficulties.

My favorite project with the committee so far has definitely been the Young Voices in December campaign from last December, featuring talented dancers, artists, & musicians from around the world! (If you have not seen the video stream yet, you can do so on Mentor Foundation USA’s very own YouTube channel.)

We have many things planned for the near future, including exciting news about the launch of an interview-styled podcast series with some familiar faces you may recognize, so be sure to stay tuned!

If you’re interested in connecting with the youth advisory committee, please send us an email at [email protected].

If you didn’t catch the Virtual Holiday Concert last year, or just want to watch it again, you can take part of the full ‘Young Voices in December’ concert below!