Youth Perspective: What does mental health mean to me?

In light of Mental Health Awareness Month, Mentor USA’s fantastic Youth Advisory Committee looked further into what mental health means for young people today. In this article, the President of the Youth Advisory Committee, Jeremy Dawidowicz, shares the answers from some of the students, and encourages everyone to reflect on what mental health means to you?

12 May 2022 | Youth Advisory Committee

Mentor USA’s Youth Advisory Committee President Jeremy Dawidowicz (far left) and Committee Member Joshua Dawidowicz (far right) together with students at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Each year, millions of Americans deal with mental health disorders, some diagnosed and others undiagnosed. In honor of May’s Mental Health Awareness month, we at Mentor Foundation USA’s Youth Advisory Committee wanted to do something unique in learning what mental health means for young people. 


With assistance from University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s UNICEF members, we randomly asked students on campus: Why is mental health important to you? After listening to their answers, participants were given a rose, which symbolizes both the love and courage that we have for one another. Here are some of the student’s responses listed below:


“Physical health is only one aspect of your health. Mental health is easy to go unnoticed and makes an even bigger difference in your life.”


“Mental health is especially important to me since I lost a brother to suicide. You need to be able to have the strength to live your life freely and save yourself.”


“Mental health affects every aspect of your life. It determines how you interact with others and makes up your work ethic, influencing the choices you make.”


“Neglecting mental health can put you in a dark space very easily. You need to be able to have a positive outlook and enjoy what you do in your life.”


“Depression and anxiety are two common things that people deal with. To be able to keep a sound mind and remain stress-free is the best feeling.”


After reading these thoughts from current students, we encourage you to take a few moments to ask yourself: What does mental health mean to me?