Happy Birthday to Mentor Foundation USA’s Ambassador Dolph Lundgren!

We would like to extend our happiest birthday wishes to Mentor USA’s much appreciated Ambassador Dolph Lundgren, and thank him for his outstanding work and important contributions to Mentor Foundation USA!

3 November 2022 | News

Dolph Lundgren is a Swedish actor, director, producer, and martial artist. He supports various charitable efforts and has been a source of continuous support and inspiration to Mentor Foundation USA and the youth we work with for many years. 

Dolph Lundgren grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, where he attended the Royal Institute of Technology. He originally moved from Sweden to the United States as a Fulbright scholar to study chemical engineering at the prestigious MIT. After receiving a master’s degree, he decided to pursue a career in show business. Dolph has starred in over 50 feature films, including Rocky IV, Masters of the Universe, Aquaman 1 and 2 and The Expendables franchise. Dolph is also a world-class athlete and a winner of several international karate competitions. Dolph started practicing martial arts at the age of 14 and now holds a 3rd Dan (third-degree black belt) in Kyokushinkai and was European champion in 1980-1981. Over the years, Dolph has taken part in multiple events and generously given his time in support of Mentor USA and its youth. 

We are extraordinarily grateful for Dolph Lundgren’s commitment to Mentor Foundation USA. Thank you for all that you do for Mentor!

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We hope you had a fantastic Birthday yesterday – Best Wishes from Team Mentor USA!

Dolph Lundgren together with the winners of Mentor USA's contest "Living The Exemple" 2019.

Dolph Lundgren speaking at Mentor Foundation USA International Gala in 2015.