Youth Perspective: How well do you know your National statistics on drug prevention?

For this year's Red Ribbon Week, Mentor Foundation USA's Youth Advisory Committee decided to meet with young people and promote the important cause of drug prevention with peers on campus! Read more about their efforts and take their quiz on national statistics regarding drug prevention, in this month’s Youth Perspective article.

4 November 2022 | Youth Advisory Committee

For the past few years, we at the Youth Advisory Committee have supported the importance of Red Ribbon Week with you virtually. However, to mix it up this year, we decided to meet with young people and promote the cause with peers firsthand on campus at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Students were randomly quizzed on national statistics regarding drug prevention and were tested on their awareness of Red Ribbon Week. They were then awarded with their very own official Red Ribbon Week T-Shirt for sharing their time! Are you a prevention expert as well? We encourage you to take the short 3-question quiz below & put your own knowledge to the test!Questions:1. True or False:Red Ribbon Week is the largest and longest running observed drug prevention campaign in the United States.2. True or False:Over 50% of people ages 12+ have used an illicit drug at least once.3. True or False:Opioids are a factor in over half of all overdose deaths.Answers:1. This is true! Every year, millions of kids and adults nationwide wear red ribbons, participate in community events, and pledge to live drug-free lives!2. This is also true! According to SAMSHA in 2019, this number was actually 60.1%!3. Another truth! According to drug abuse, opioids are actually the cause of over 72% of all overdose deaths!

Read more about the Red Ribbon Week Campaign here.