Youth Perspective: True Character

2 August 2023 | Youth Advisory Committee

First, think about the classic situation of finding a wallet on the ground. If no one is around, you could easily take the money and discard the wallet. However, you could also go out of your way to return the wallet, which demonstrates your integrity even when nobody is watching. This shows that you have a strong moral compass and are guided by principles rather than external rewards.

Second, while donating money to charitable causes is commendable, making a difference can also go far beyond financial contributions. For example, behind-the-scenes work makes up the majority of non-profit organizations. Consider actively working towards positive change by volunteering, promoting local events, and even amplifying voices that need to be heard. For example, consider us, the Youth Advisory Committee, and our work for young people across the nation! We are always looking for new ways to get involved!

Third, a unique sense of personal satisfaction comes from knowing you have done the right thing. This internal validation that is received is far more rewarding than any external praise or recognition. Just think about a time when you helped a stranger in need. Whether it is sparing a few dollars or as small as comforting someone, the feeling of fulfillment and contentment that arises from knowing you have made a positive impact is truly invaluable. 

In light of all of this, simply take some time to remember the importance of your small everyday actions, living the example with honesty and integrity.

Let us strive to be good citizens and live our true characters, acknowledging the value of our behind-the-scenes work and finding fulfillment in knowing that we have tried our very best! 


– Jeremy


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