Youth Perspective: Is it ever too late to go to school?

27 September 2023 | Youth Advisory Committee

Recently, I read an article of an older person wondering if it was too late for them to go back to school and this really got me thinking: Anytime is a good time to do so. Well, why’s that?

First, you have many advantages now than you had before. You are more mature than when you were younger and you have a great deal of experience, especially in following schedules and meeting deadlines. Additionally, perhaps the company you’re working for offers tuition assistance, and with virtual classes, it’s easier now more than ever to learn online flexibly.

Second, education knows no age limits. The idea that higher education ends after a certain age is a stereotype that will continue to be defied. Knowledge is truly timeless and real education involves a continuing growth process. Whether it’s reading the latest books, understanding how to use the newest technologies, or just staying up to date on recent events, there’s always something to be learned.

Third, think about all the doors that will open for career advancement. Perhaps you want to try a new specialization or spark interest in a new field altogether. By taking courses, you can learn what’s right for you and test your strengths and weaknesses in each subject! Not to mention, you’ll be surrounded by a like-minded network of people looking to better themselves!

Therefore, to anyone out there wondering if it is ever too late to go to school, the answer is overwhelmingly no. If the resources and the drive are there, the opportunity awaits! No matter the age, the location, or type of degree, now is your time.”

– Jeremy